An Appetizing Challenge: NYC Pizza Run

This past weekend two unlikely forces combined: Running and pizza. It seems antithetical that this activity would pair with this food (or any food for that matter) but consider your mind blown. On Saturday, strong-stomached participants got together for the 4th annual pizza run organized by pie aficionado Jason Feirman who runs the blog I Dream of Pizza. “In addition to pizza, I love running. And I had an inclination that many New Yorkers felt a similar affinity towards the two. So I decided to combine them into an all encompassing NYC experience! Now it’s four years later and it’s been a great journey so far!” Jason says.

I guess we’re not that dissimilar, he and I, but he’s taken pizza eating to the next level by organizing this 2.25 mile race around Tompkins Square Park. The challenge: Runners must stop at three different pizza checkpoints to grab a slice, down it before continuing the next lap and ideally finish without vomiting. You may be thinking “There’s no money in the world that could get me to run while eating pizza,” but if that’s the case, you’re reading the wrong blog.

Consider the benefits:

Pizza from Manhattan’s Pizza by Certé

An excuse to take a break every .5 miles or so

Cool NYC pizza run t-shirt

The chance to win more free pizza

And, best yet?

The chance to wear the craziest pizza swag you own (which can double as your Halloween costume… just thinking ahead people.)

Check out highlights from the 2013 pizza run—and sign me up for next year!

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Jamie Miles

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