About Me

Hi, I’m a pizzaholic. I love pizza. I eat pizza. I want to write about pizza. So I hope you enjoy reading about pizza.

I began my pizza blog during my senior year at Syracuse University, and now I am making pizza moves elsewhere. I live in Brooklyn Heights and work as site director at BestProducts.com, the product reviews site from Hearst. Hey, it’s actually not that different from seeking the best pizza out there. In fact, I just wrote up the best places to snag a slice (or a pie or two…) in NYC. Check it out and let me know your favorite pizza in the comments.

Since my move to the city, back in 2010(!), I’ve faced some discouragement from people who have questioned my blog topic of choice: “You chose the worst thing to write about in New York City. It’s been done,” one person told me. I began to believe these critics were right and that my palette for pizza and my run ins with decent/delicious/life-changing pizzas would sadly go unheard.

However, I love pizza too much to quit, and my desire is to entertain readers and to share my experiences. I think Susan Orlean spoke to this best in her introduction to The Best American Travel Writing published in 2007. The places and experiences written of in travel writing, like pizza, are often discovered territory, but it doesn’t drain their importance as topics of writing.

“The best travel writing, in my mind, is just a written document of a conversation with a captivating person who is just a little braver, a little smarter, a little more observant, a little funnier, and a little wiser than I, who has gone places I’ve either never gone and never will go, or places I’ve been to many times and never noticed quite the way he or she does, or can talk about the process of going and coming in a way I never imagined before.”

So when another person asks me, “Why pizza? It’s been done.” My reply is, I love pizza and I want to write about it in a way it hasn’t been written about before.

Eat up and read up!

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  1. enjoying a late night catch up on your recent editions! and getting so hungry and sad i have no food ; / haha

  2. I think I have the best pizza in Boise. Ha! Yeah right. I also am a pizzaholic only thing is that I dont write about it. I bake them gems that is. I love them altho I have not yet created the perfect pizza at home yet. Ha! Thats my goal tho. Ive been working on this goal since 2006 when I started in the home oven but now have transfered to outside grill.

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