Find the Best Pizza Spots in America — An App Will Do the Work!

Think of the services YELP, Zagat or TripAdvisor provide to help you find restaurants nearby that offer certain cuisine you’re searching for. NOW imagine this same service, but with the addition of a smart, data-driven algorithm that only ranks pizza places that have proved worthy after expert reviews. That’s the idea behind the app “Top Pizza Places” which will aggregate reviews that come from bloggers (ahem), pizza aficionados and reputable publications. “Call us pizza snobs, but we give far more credence to reviews written by competent and impartial food critics,” the creators claim.


It’s not clear just yet how the recommendations will be filtered to best ensure you’re only getting the best-of-the-best, but the idea has me excited. For instance, I just got back from L.A. and while I could have used TripAdvisor or asked around for pizza recs, having an app that finds the best pies nearby would be more efficient since it does the crowd sourcing for you. The app is also said to be searchable by name, location, pizza type, review date and cooking method so if there’s a certain type of pizza you want at that time it’s accessible.


What’s also cool is users that may not be acclaimed pizza writers like myself (kidding!) can propose a pizza spot be added to the list and their suggestions will be reviewed and considered by the pizza experts on the app’s end.

Don’t get too excited just yet though, the app is still in the process of getting funded. Contribute to the fund here to make this app come to life– or just donate to get the cool t-shirt. The creators have made several apps which are based on geo-location, such as an app to locate nudist colonies or to find any spots on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives”. Naturally, after nudists and diners, pizza would be their next target.

Get on board to help fund their project… because funding a pizza app is basically like community service for the starved.

Jamie Miles

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