Trump Makes Poor Pizza Choice

Earlier today, Donald Trump and presidential hopeful Sarah Palin met in Times Square to share a large pepperoni pizza from Famous Famiglia. I tried this pizza a few weeks ago and didn’t even consider it worth posting about. The pies looked just as bland and sub-par as they tasted, but I also didn’t EXPECT the pizza to be phenomenal. For one, Famiglia is an Armenian pizza chain and chains are generally not as well managed and not as fresh, delicious or authentic. Why, Ms. Palin, did you come to visit New York and fall for the advertising on the door claiming to be “New York’s favorite”? There goes her presidential campaign, since everyone knows you can never trust someone with poor taste in pizza.

“Dinner was great… that was real New York pizza…” said Palin who thinks she knows what it means to taste New York pizza.

Click here to read the full article from the NY Daily News

Click here to read the full article and see clips on CNN

Jamie Miles

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