Jon Stewart on ‘Pal-ump’ Pizza Sins

Jon Stewart criticized Palin and Trump’s visit to Famiglia pizza on The Daily Show the other night with the best looks of both confusion and disgust ever made.

“What? I mean it’s at 50th and Broadway. I’ve eaten there. The pizza is… ya know… fine. It’s good convenience pizza. Back in the ’80s there weren’t a lot of pizza options in Times Square. It was either Famiglia pizza or scarfing down some edible underwear from one of the porn shops.”

He then went out to list some of the notable pizza places in New York that actually have gained respectful approval as “Real New York pizza.” His list includes: Lombardi’s, Grimaldi’s, Totonno’s, Arturo’s, John’s Pizzeria, Denino’s, Joe’s Pizza

Just when Jon Stewart is about to forgive them for their choice of pizzeria, a clip from Palin and Trump’s meal shows Trump stacking slices of pizza on one plate. “Son of a bitch!!!!” says Jon Stewart outraged. “With all due respect… you stack your slices?!!! The steam from the bottom of the slice is going to make the top crust… YOU piece of ****.” Not only does he stack. But he eats his pizza with a fork causing Jon Stewart to explode even further naming the sin “la forquetta satanica”– then shows his audience how eating pizza is really done.

“You fold it and you eat it.” Simple as that. No fork, and certainly no hair products required Trump.

See the full clip from The Daily Show

Jamie Miles

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