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It is safe to say two of my favorite things in life are wine and food– so when I was invited to attend a wine and food pairing at Eataly, you better believe I went. Though did I expect it to be as informative, entertaining AND tasty? No. I learned some interesting things and most exciting: the closing dish was pizza. Take a look at the three courses paired with five different varieties of wine from Tormaresca vineyard in Puglia, Italy. (Puglia produces 22% of the world’s wine– that’s the same as Chile and Argentina produce combined!)

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The pizza ingredients: basic dough, dried oregano, arugala, cherry tomatoes, and burrata– all sold at Eataly. The burrata is the key ingredient to this pizza. It literally oozes over the crust and the herbs. The chef compared the cheese to a change purse popping open. It bursts in appearance and flavor and the smoothness of the cheese paired with a robust red is the perfect combination. Francesco Domini from Tormaresca recommended the Bocca di Lupo D.O.C. — which is strong and tannic or the Masseria Maime I.G.T — a softer, sweeter and fruitier wine. Both were delicious reds which pair great particularly with pizza or any Italian dish.

On my way home, I passed the Empire State Building which looked beautiful lit up against the purple sky in the midst of a late sunset. I had to stop and appreciate the beauty of New York and everything it has to offer– Italian imports included.

Jamie Miles

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