Sette Enoteca e Cucina

207 Seventh Ave.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215

My dad and I planned a six day trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL for a much needed spring break. Our trip of relaxation began with a delicious meal at one of our favorite Italian spots in Park Slope. Sette, Italian for seven, is on Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn and has a seasonal menu that includes delicious dishes from Chicken alla Giovanni with ham, broccoli rabe, mozzarella and fontina cheese in a portabello and shitake mushroom cream sauce, to more traditional yet still gourmet pasta dishes such as spinach tagliatelle with rosemary chicken and mushrooms in cream sauce, fresh papardelle alla Genovese with braised lamb and shaved parmesan, and many more. My dad opted for a gnocchi special while my eyes settled on the pizza offerings.

Tough choice, but I finally ordered the ground sausage pizza because I was interested in trying their pizza sauce and few of the others had a traditional red sauce. The pizza was served on a round plate, just enough for one person (unless you’re better at sharing than I am). The crust was much thicker than I expected since usually when served a round pie for one the crust is thinner, Italian-style. I enjoyed the surprising thickness although it’s certainly not crisp. That’s not what this pizza is about.

The crust is dusted with cornmeal which makes for a really nice texture and additional flavoring. This pizza was incredibly cheesy, a plus in its favor, but a bit greasy for holding. I enjoyed it overall but can’t say it’s worth ordering again. I’ve had other pasta dishes at Sette that are beyond fantastic so it’s a shame the pizza couldn’t rate so highly.

I will, however, return to Sette undoubtedly for fresh pasta, great service, and a relaxing ambience– the perfect start to a vacation. Another wonderful restaurant offering is their wine. My dad and I tried a delicious Pinot Noir based on the manager’s recommendation. At $6 a glass you can’t go wrong and the wine happened to be phenomenal. We were still talking about how great it was for days after our meal. Don’t want to stop at just one glass? See the “venti per venti” wine list for twenty wines under $20. Beat that.

Jamie Miles

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