Franny’s Serves You Pizza Scissors to ‘DIY’ the Slice Cuts

348 Flatbush Ave.3 slices
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Never had I ever been presented with “pizza scissors” at a restaurant until I went to Franny’s in Brooklyn. There’s something kind of fun about being served an un-cut pie, and it actually works well especially if you’re into sharing. Little sliver for you… BIG sliver for me! Or maybe the other way around if you’re feeling generous. 😉

Anyway, a few weekends ago my cousin Jenn and her boyfriend David were in town for just a couple days and naturally, we had to meet up for pizza! We settled on Franny’s and shockingly, I had never been! The menu consists of starters from the likes of crostinis with pancetta or cheese, fried potatoes, winter veggies (’tis the season), and various small salads. There are 14 different pies on the menu with interesting offerings like: tomato, lardo, garlic, chilies and pecorino romano;  potato, ‘nduja, egg, oregano, garlic and caciocavallo; clams, chilies and parsley; and more classic toppings like tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella — can’t go wrong with that! There’s also a limited pasta menu if you choose to stray from the pizza. Then again, why would you read this if you weren’t interested in pizza???

Since there were four of us, we all ordered our own pies (they’re about 14 inches each) and tried a bite of one another’s. The winner hand’s down we agreed was Jenn who ordered the clam pie. Clam pies can be tricky to nail and often end up being too salty or too spicy. This one was legit and had the perfect ratio of chili flakes to clams. The dough itself was good but chewy, not crisp and was charred from the wood-burning oven. It’s also easy to eat a whole pie — you likely will not have leftovers. We didn’t!

The highlight of Franny’s is its philosophy of farm-to-table. The dairy, fruit, veggies, fish and eggs are all sourced from local and/or organic producers and the menu changes based on what’s in season when, meaning every time you go the menu may be slightly new. The wine and cocktails are also a standout with a house cocktail menu and extensive list of wines offered by the glass, quart, or bottle — a.k.a. another reason this restaurant was made for group dining.

Head to Franny’s to try their fresh, seasonal pies and to give the pizza scissors a spin!

– Jamie Miles 

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