Watch the 7th Annual Pizza Run (Pizza Swag Alert!)

For those of you who missed it, this past weekend was the seventh annual NYC Pizza Run, organized by Jason Feirman of, a fellow pizza eater, pizza blogger, and friend.

As everyone knows, no pizza run is complete without pizza swag of all kinds! I went outfitted by Zazzle (Thanks, guys!) and also J.Crew (thanks, closet!) and ran the race in top to bottom pizza-wear.

The race is 2 miles, 4 laps around Tompkins Square Park, and involves eating 3(!) slices of pizza, one after every lap until you reach the finish. The trickiest part is not the running, but the race to finish each slice before taking off for your next lap.

Watch the race, live streamed on’s Facebook page, and shop my look below!


Hat: Zazzle So Saucy Deep Pizza Trucker Hat, $17; Purse: J.Crew Pizza Slice Bag, $50; Shirt: Zazzle Space Cat With Taco and Pizza Tank Top, $21; Shoes: Zazzle Pizza Pizzaz Printed Shoes, $91

Plus, shop 26 MORE pizza items on

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