Pizza Rat, Whaaat? Meet Pizza Cat!

It’s no secret… I LOVE pizza. Even if it means opting for a Trader Joe’s frozen pie instead of delivery, it still does the trick. So this past week I popped a pizza in the oven and then proceeded to eat all of it. Or, all but one slice, I should say.

Mr. Ludlow the Cat got his paw on the other slice, snatching it off the table, licking the cheese as if he had just been served a can of chicken-flavored wet cat food. The result? A pretty hilarious video of him stealing my pizza. Part 2? Licking the grease off his paws with a very fulfilled look on his face. Like mother, like (cat) son… right?

Watch his sheer enjoyment, below:

Post-eating pizza:

The Lesson: Cats don’t discriminate against pizza. 


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