This Week: The Largest Pizza in the U.S. and Pizza Hut Cameo on ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’

Texas does things BIG.  So why would they do pizza any differently? Big Lou’s Pizza claims the honor of the first and second largest pizza in Texas, clocking in at 62″ and 42″ respectively.  While this wouldn’t normally be news, the dough tossing in their promotional video below is super cool and takes some serious skill:

You know its high quality pizza when they offer an all-you-can-eat 3 month deal for $149 on Groupon.  This Birmingham, AL pizza joint has stepped up its game big time, and claims that the deal represents a savings of $1,647! So assuming two $2 slices twice a day for 90 days, our math only gets us to $720 for the 3 months.  Maybe they expect you to eat an entire pie each day? Either way, you’d have to be a brave soul to eat that much pizza. Oh, and did we mention these slices are huge? (Jumbo Slice huge!)

All you can eat pizza Alabama

Apparently France has dethroned the US in pizza innovation.  11% of new pizza products were released in France last year.  We are therefore calling on all American pizza purveyors to please, innovate more, because we don’t just need Donald Trump to “make America great again!”

France Pizza Innovation


As long as you’re signing up for a Planet Fitness membership that you’ll never use, you might as well enjoy their free pizza that they promoted as part of National Pizza Day and serve up the first Monday of every month. (Hey, if eating more pizza is your workout MO we totally relate.)

Did you see the Pizza Hut cameo in last week’s episode of The People v. O.J.? Here’s the story of how Domino’s missed out on the appearance.

In a strange move that suggests their pizza isn’t loved, Papa John’s is allowing people to return their pizzas if they don’t like them and get a new fresh pie.  What’s the catch?  You not only have to do it within 30 minutes of receiving the order and fill out a survey, but can’t eat more than two slices of the original pie. #RULES

And how DARE the Obamas promote healthy eating and still eat pizza on Super Bowl Sunday !

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