5 Super Bowl Sunday Pizza Specials


Watching the Super Bowl without pizza is like celebrating Christmas without presents: joyless. Don’t go through a sports-centric Sunday without proper pizza consumption. Here, some budget-friendly deals to keep you and your guests well fed even post halftime.

  • Papa John’s is creating a new holiday – Super Bowl Monday! If you make an order over $15 any time between now and Saturday, you get points that you can use to redeem a large pizza with up to three toppings on Monday.  Unfortunately, they’ve schemed to work around orders on the actual Game Day, but a decent deal nonetheless
  • Pizza Hut probably has one of the more intriguing pizza specials for this year’s Super Bowl.  They are giving away 50 limited edition Garlic Knot pizzas (one of their new crust inventions).  These are no normal pizzas—they are covered with $100 worth of edible 24-karat gold.  Did we mention that it also comes with a $100 Pizza Hut Gold Card?  Not a bad deal, but chances that you win the prize seem about as likely as winning the Powerball
  • Domino’s isn’t offering anything special for the Super Bowl. However, they still have their typical super cheap pizza offerings on their site
  • Papa Gino’s is offering 30% off all online orders or a $25 game day deal that includes two large cheese pizzas, a two-liter soda, and a large order of boneless chicken wings (not bad!)
  • Sbarro’s is offering two XL NY Pizza’s with either cheese or pepperoni for $20.  You can add bread sticks for $4 as well.  This might be the best deal out there, assuming you are a fan of Sbarro’s (which we are definitely not)

As for chains like Godfather’s, Uno’s, Cici’s, and Little Caesars, looks like no deals are being offered.

Let the games begin!

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