This Week: The Top 30 Pizzas in NYC, a $10,000 Home Pizza Oven and More

Some of our favorite pies in NYC make appearances on this list of the City’s top 30 pizza purveyors, as named by  Check out our own reviews of Prince Street Pizza,  Di Fara, Artichoke Basille Pizza & Bar, Joe’s, keste, Marta, Rubirosa, Motorino, Grimaldi’s and Roberta’s which made their list.

In this video, Olga Kay finally puts to rest that eternal question… can pizza be juggled?

Amateur pizzaiolos, your wishes have finally come true.  If you happen to have a spare $10,000 laying around, GE has the perfect device for you — a seriously high-tech home pizza oven.  Jokes aside, the cool thing about this is that it fits into any standard wall oven cavity, so there isn’t any crazy circuitry to install it. GE goes into more detail on its website saying that they “gathered data from the ovens of some of the top pizzerias in the country. The cross-country trek included stops at Zero Zero in San Francisco, Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn and Coals Artisan Pizza in Louisville, Kentucky.” Using a data collection device, they collected the “thermal signatures” of these famous pizza ovens. The pizza oven tester was nicknamed “Digital Pizza.” Check it out here:

Digital Pizza GE

Pizza Hut has been losing market share to Papa John’s and Domino’s for a while now, but they’re tweaking their formula to take some of that share back.  The changes include modernizing the restaurants’ looks, adding bar space, and dishing out pies faster using hotter ovens. Only time will tell if people will flock to Pizza Hut to grab beers, wine, and cocktails to accompany their pizzas.

Blogger COOKIE+kate posted a kale pesto pizza recipe that looks too good to resist giving a try.  But if you’re looking to get even HEALTHIER, then you might want to check out how to make pizza dough using cauliflower.  Or go more extreme with quinoa pizza bowls.


A bizarre list of recipes for every meal of the day.  Spaghetti O pizza?  You’ve gone too far, you really have….

Spaghetti O Pizza.jpg

Our friend Scott of Scott’s Pizza Tours had the seriously envy-worthy “job” of being a pizza judge at the Caputo Cup Pizzaiuolo Championship in NYC.  Can anybody say #jealous? Check out his run down of how he judges pizza, using a lot of the same criteria I use when I scour NYC for the best slices.

Here’s a list that nobody has ever asked for: 12 Romantic Movie Quotes That Are Probably Really About Pizza …

If you live in the Bay Area, you might want to check out this list of amazing looking “Italian-style” pizzas.  The pictures are seriously mouthwatering.

What is the most important implication for the coming invasion of drones?  Pizza delivery of course.

Props to the Halo 5 producers who not only decided to include the option for a custom pizza suit for their players, but led with the suit in their new trailer:

Apparently people in Japan top their pizza with sweet potato, wasabi, and fermented soy beans.  We’ll pass on those toppings, but we loved this run down of how different countries have interpreted pizza.

Is bigger better?  Probably not when it comes to pizza, but these pictures of the 10 largest pizzas around the world can still make our mouths water:

Big PIzza

Dear prospective Ivy League students: Try as hard as you can to get into Yale so you can enjoy these crazy good-looking pizzas churned out by the university’s student-run farm.

How do you score the second most points in a single game in NBA history (81)?  Well, first become Kobe Bryant. Second, eat pizza the night before the game: “I had pepperoni pizza and grape soda the night before,” he said with a laugh. “Think I had a burger before the game, burger and fries.”

Unsurprisingly, Papa John’s has said “auf Wiedersehen” to its short lived experiment with Cinnapie dessert pizza.

In case you didn’t know about Detroit-style pizza, Eater has the low down on the Motor City’s unique Sicilian-style squares.

Apparently pizza has been around since the 6th century BC and was even preserved in the ruins of Pompei — check out this short video history of pizza:

See you next week for more!

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