This Week: Pizza-Eating Brown Bears, Pizza Recipes from The Vatican, and $100 Gold Pizza

We all know that NYC rats love pizza, but “Little Louie,” the pizza-loving brown bear from Colorado Springs, gets our vote for the cutest pizza-loving animal.  However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Louie will be confined to eating nuts and berries from here on out.

pizza eating bear

It’s official—God loves pizza. The soon-to-be-released Vatican cookbook includes a recipe for Pizza a Caballo (“pizza on horseback”), an Argentinian favorite and something resembling a pizza sandwich. Pope Francis, whose infallibility is a central tenant of the Catholic Church, clearly received the divine word from God that pizza is undeniably amazing. We can’t disagree. Apparently, Pope Francis wants nothing more than to eat pizza without being bothered.  Last year, reminiscing on his life before ascending to become the pontiff, he said, “The one thing that I would like is to go — without anyone recognizing me — and go to a pizzeria to eat pizza.” Check out Pizza a Caballo, below:


We always commend those embracing pizza in the most progressive ways.  We therefore congratulate Charlotte, N.C.’s Pure Pizza for declaring pizza equality for posting this notice on its unisex bathroom that recently went viral after a customer, Larken Egleston, posted it on his Facebook page.  Check out an interview with the owner, Juli Ghazi, in Charlotte’s local newspaper

Domino’s relentless domination of the pizza universe a la Star Wars’ Empire continues.  At this year’s annual ICR Conference on consumer behavior, Domino’s said that its six years of same-store sales growth continues unabated.  Given its innovative digital strategies, like the ability to tweet a pizza emoticon in place of calling in for an order, we think the growth is unlikely to stop.

For the record, For the Love of Pizza does not approve of armed pizza robberies.  This unfortunate purveyor of Papa John’s pizza was robbed twice in the span of one week.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt and no pizza was lost or damaged.  In other pizza-robbery news, this “very polite” pizza thief was turned in by his Mom after he stole from a Miami Little Caesars

And while normally we would not support inaccessible $100 pizza’s designed for the top 1%, the money from this “Super Gold Pizza” made by San Fransisco-based pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani in honor of Super Bowl 50 will be donated to the charity Kick the Hunger Challenge.  You’ll have to keep on your toes and stay ahead of the competition, though.  There will only be 50 of these gold-flake-encrusted beauties on game day. This pie is described as having “gold flakes, white truffles, and 24-month San Daniele Prosciutto, in addition to a sprinkling of mâche, Far West Fungi’s Clamshell, Lion’s Mane, and Yellow Oyster mushrooms, Fromage Blanc and Carmody cheese from Bellwether Farms, and Grande Whole Milk mozzarella, finished with Maldon salt, on multi-grain dough.” Talk about rich!

This week is the annual Caputo Cup Pizza Competition in New York City.  The competition’s move to NYC after a 14 year run in Italy may finally be a sign that New York has surpassed Italy as home of the greatest pizza…. or maybe they just wanted a change of scenery.  Jesus Solis of Brooklyn’s Forcella won for Neopolitan style and Norma Knepp of Manheim, PA’s Norma’s Pizza took the top spot in New York style pizza. Wait…. a pizza shop from Pennsylvania took the top prize for New York pizza?  Maybe the reining champion of pizza isn’t Italy or New York after all.  Check out these awesome pictures from the contest


Check back for more Pizza News next week in our new ongoing series. 

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