Trattoria Dell’Arte

900 7th Avenue3.5slices
New York, NY 10019

Talk about a carb-tastic meal. Two of my best friends from college (and all of life for that matter) and I got together this past Saturday at Trattoria Dell’Arte for an EPIC Italian dinner.

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We started with a thin crust pepperoni and arugula pie upon recommendation by JB, the neighborhood local among the three of us. His suggestion was warranted as the three of us tore into the pizza leaving not a speck of burrata left on the plate. Yes, burrata. The pie had dollops of my fa-vor-ite cheese which added a nice additional flavor to the already tasty, crisp pizza. The pizza, while not a traditional Neapolitan style and without being baked in a specialty oven, was very good. I loved it as an appetizer but many people around us were having just that with various antipasti plates to complete their meal. It’s worth noting the restaurant has an extensive antipasti bar with over 22 side dishes boasting sicilian eggplant caponata, carmelized fennel, house made mozzarella, assorted olives and more.

In addition to the pizza, we had a Caprese salad to start and proceeded to order individual entrees. What could have been way too much food ended up being a necessary tasting tour as all of our dishes proved supreme. Laila ordered the red snapper baked in a tomato sauce while I ordered the homemade spaghetti carbonara and JB had the tortellini bolognese. But wait. We didn’t even stop there, though we probably should have. We had a delicious bottle of Montepulciano which went perfectly with our meal, from beginning (ohh, that pizza) to the end. The end? A killer melt-in-your-mouth-makes-you-want-to-have-a-Harry-Met-Sally-moment-at-the-table chocolate mousse with homemade whipped cream.

Don’t think you’ve heard the last of this place. I’ll certainly be coming back for more. And I doubt I’ll be going alone. JB and Laila, up for seconds?

Jamie Miles

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