La Nonna Pizzeria Trattoria Paninoteca

237 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211

If you have an alternative hair style, find appeal in a pair of acid washed jeans and will use 2-for-1 specials as an excuse to go out any night of the week, you will likely feel right at home in Williamsburg. Just across the pond from Manhattan is the hipster Hall of Fame and along with it, some tasty eats! What brought me to Williamsburg (since I live in Park Slope, which is not as close to this neighborhood as you’d think!) was the First Annual Vintage and Pub Crawl. Pubs aside, I still had some mimosas as I shopped my Sunday morning away and escaped with some unique vintage finds (thanks dad for the early birthday presents)!

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Mid-shop we took a break for lunch and headed to La Nonna. The sun was out, the hipsters were all a flare and our tummies were ready for some pizza pie. A table outside was available and we sat down to the most entertaining runway display of torn tights, pink hair, well-worn converse sneakers, animal prints, graffic tees and extreme piercings, tattoos and makeup. Any hipster could be easily mistaken for a die hard Halloween-er. Luckily, despite the pizza taking FOREVER, the entertainment of fashion-gone-wild and great company satisfied our senses.

Once the pizza was finally served (a good 40 minutes later), it proved worthy of the wait. On first impression, we were overwhelmed by the site of four “personal” pies which we considered too much for one, but by the end of the meal, no one had takeout. This is some of the freshest pizza I’ve had anywhere. The crust was thin– likely the only reason we could stomach the entire pies. It was perfectly crisp with a hint of cornmeal dusted on the bottom. The top ingredients, of which I opted for classic margarita with tomato, basil and mozzarella were incredible. We concluded a little zest was missing, but with the addition of pepper it kicked up the robust flavor in the sauce.

Fresh, crispy and fun. Great for a first date since the hipster fashion is perfect conversation fodder!

Jamie Miles

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