And the Best Pizza in the U.S. is…

People argue constantly over “the best” everything. And when it comes to the best pizza places, the arguments generally are inconclusive thanks to differing opinions. But there are many theories, and a pizza maestro’s is worth a listen. Self-declared as “one of the best pizza maestro’s left,” Jacques who’s based at South Brooklyn Pizza, fought his personal bias and did not name his pizza first, rather a joint in Arizona.

Phoenix is home to Pizzeria Bianco— repeatedly praised for their great “hole structure” in the crust, homemade mozzarella, and fennel and pork sausage. The chef, Bianco received the James Beard Foundation award naming him the best chef of the Southwest.

Watch as our Brooklyn pizzaiolo (pizza maker) discusses another’s success, and his own aspirations to make it big in the West: “I want to go to California. On the beach somewhere. Where it’s nice weather. Less pressure. Beautiful young people to give me that sort of feel young again. An injection of life. Otherwise you die.”

Jamie Miles

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