Angotti’s Family Restaurant

725 Burnet Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13203

A four slice rating is shocking to see, I know. But even after recounting my experience at Angotti’s I find it warrants the same grade. My hunger was surprisingly not a factor.

During labor day weekend I visited Syracuse. My boyfriend Ben and I enjoyed dinner out Saturday night at the Italian restaurant where we also had our first date. This time, we decided to share a pizza– something both my taste buds and our budget found agreeable. (It’s only $9 for a large!) Angotti’s is perfect for date-night, whether its your first date or hundredth. It has a very familial atmosphere with tables and decor that are not particularly fancy, rather are reminiscent of your grandmother’s dining room. The restaurant has existed at its current location for 25 years owned by an Italian immigrant.

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After we ordered our pizza, Ben and I began to dent a bottle of cheap yet delicious red wine. For a bottle it was not more than $20, and it was a good California Syrah, something you would pay at least double for at any other restaurant.

Not long after ordering, the pizza arrived. It was huge and deliciously cheesy with a crust that was nothing other than perfect. Ben took his first bite, and as I looked for him to communicate his verdict, he looked up from the pizza, nodded his head, and simply said, “Yeahhh,” as if in complete satisfaction. I took a bite and reacted with a similar, unspoken enjoyment.

Though not particularly gourmet, rather a classic New York style slice, I have to say I have now found a new go-to pizza place in Syracuse. Not sure when I’ll be visiting next, but when I do I will certainly pay Angotti’s a visit, as you should too.

Jamie Miles

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