College Town Pizza

401 College Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850

Okay, so due to moving to Brooklyn, N.Y. for an internship at New York Magazine, my pizza diaries were put on hold. Not because I haven’t been eating pizza (because we all know that would never happen) but because my internet capabilities are currently limited to Starbucks and Barnes and Noble. Free wireless = a poor college-grads best friend.

Right before moving though, I figured I had to do a bit more investigating of the Ithaca pizza scene. I heard many praises of College Town Pizza located on Cornell University’s campus, but had yet to experience it for myself. Sadly, the hype just proved to disappoint as I left feeling like I only kept eating because I was starving and not because I was truly enjoying the pie. My mom on the other hand left with a bit of a stomach problem. Both of our experiences are not supportive of a second sampling.

This pizza was overly cheesy and extremely doughy. The sauce was sweet and tasty, but I’m certain the grease was the main ingredient. With each bite the cheese strung from our mouths with the addition of dripping grease that I had to wipe off with five napkins every slice. The crust was chewy and not at all crisp. Overall, worse than average.

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Even the environment itself was unappealing with graffiti filled walls and an unkempt dining room. Nothing in my mind makes this a worthy stop on a pizza lover’s list.

But to be fair, after I recapped my experience to my friend and fellow pizza enthusiast, Jon Saltman, he assured me:

“I contend that you must have gone on a bad day [over the summer] which led to this mix up. In my many years of going to CTP, I have yet to get doughy crust. Unless you like the crust charred, there must have been a mistake. I’m calling that a mulligan so a do-over is clearly needed.”

Well, it’s too bad for CTP I’ve moved to the city. Sometimes first impressions are all that matter and two impressions of distaste are enough for me.

Next stop, Brooklyn, N.Y. pizza!

Jamie Miles

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