New York Pizzeria

2 West Main Street
Trumansburg, N.Y. 14886

Picture triangle slices double the typical cut and New York style pizza with endless topping choices. This was my first impression of New York Pizzeria in Trumansburg, N.Y. Escaping the rain on a Wednesday during lunch hour, I confronted a counter of pesto pizza with fresh tomatoes; bacon and chicken slices on white pizza; artichoke hearts covering a slice with a saucy red marinara surface, and more. The selection included mostly gourmet topping combos, but the classic pepperoni and cheese slices contributed to the display. After some consideration, I ordered a slice of cheese and a slice of goat cheese, spinach and tomato.

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As I sat gazing out the window, I felt like a local as neighborhood friends came together to catch up over lunch and people ran in and out stealing slices to go. This small-town atmosphere with a large restaurant space is the ideal setting for a pizzeria.

The pizza itself was very satisfying, with a thin, crispy crust and tasty fresh, cheeses. Both of my slices were perfectly cooked and served nice and warm. My one complaint, however, is the sauce lacked in flavor and tasted much like any marinara sauce. I missed the added richness and complexity that herbs contribute to a pie. Additions like basil and oregano make each bite of pizza a thrill, but this saucy experience left me underwhelmed.

Don’t let me deter you from sampling a slice, though. Sauce is my favorite pizza component so I’m a tougher critic. I still highly recommend this pizza, and thus far, I consider this pizzeria the best if you’re searching for gourmet. Although the sauce may not pack a punch, the flavorful toppings deliver the excitement.

Jamie Miles

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