Homemade How to

It may not be simple, but making pizza at home seems worth the risk of trial-and-error cooking. Admittedly, I have yet to attempt making my own pizza, but I intend to try as soon as I get the proper tools. A second factor delaying my homemade pizza making is when I want pizza I want it NOW. The key to making a homemade pizza is patience, and that is not necessarily an admirable trait of mine. However, with my pizza cravings tamed, I will soon personalize a pizza, start to finish. Look forward to that post soon!

In the meantime, The New York Times has some quick tips for making homemade pizza that could inspire you to open the oven and press (not roll or toss) the dough to make the perfect crust, leading up to an idyllic, saucy, cheesy, whatever-you-please creation.

Photo by: The New York Times

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