Nicholas Pizza Shop

1358 North Washington Avenue
Scranton, P.A. 18509

Could it be the crispiness of the crust? Is it the quantity of cheese? Or is it the special herb flavorings that make Nicholas’ pizza a favorite of my father’s for the last 44 years?

“It’s my fix. It’s that’s seasoning,” my dad says, as he devours a final slice. After being a longtime loyal customer to his hometown pizzeria, Nicholas’ pizza turned into more than a flavor reminiscent of childhood, but an addiction.

Although I don’t consider Nicholas’ worthy a four-slice ranking, I understand what it is my dad loves about it. The crust is not your typical New York style. It is almost like toasted bread, too crispy to bend in half and it’s too small a slice to make the bend necessary. The pizza is also covered in cheese. I am a cheese lover, and this was an upside to the pizza, but my complaint is the slice left my mouth watering as my sodium intake skyrocketed. The taste of salt in each bite was unmasked by the delicious flavor of a sauce sprinkled with what seemed to be oregano.

My dad and I prepared this pizza ourselves after he got it frozen, and we enjoyed an entire pizza between the two of us. This sounds like pizza overload (not ever possible), but the pizza cuts into six slices and is a nice amount for two to share.

Personally, I enjoy this pizza and have been eating it for maybe 18 years, but I don’t love it nearly as much as my dad. I prefer fold over pizza crust, long triangle slices with more sauce than cheese and more cheese than crust. But the sauce certainly stole the show and if I could put this sauce on Johnny’s crust I’d be one happy lady…

Dear Johnny’s and Nicholas’, please join forces and conquer the world.


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