Nick’s Tomato Pie

109 Walton Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

I challenge you to watch this video and not have your mouth water. Nick’s Tomato Pie, located in the heart of Syracuse in Armory Square, makes delicious pies loaded with fresh toppings. After filming, I grabbed a slice of pizza loaded with sausage, peppers and onions and fell in love.

Nick’s Tomato Pie is open till 3 a.m. on weekends and is commonly visited post bar hours by Syracuse locals. Whether afternoon, evening or near daybreak, stop in and try a slice, or five slices. There’s a dining room so you can eat in or take out. The sauce, cheese, unlimited toppings and dough create a dynamic taste without being spoiled by gobs of grease. Two big thumbs up.

Jamie Miles

Special thanks to Melanie Diaz, my film crew of one.

One comment

  1. I discovered Nick’s Tomato Pie late last summer. My significant other took a teaching job at SU, and after taking care of some business at SU and before heading out house hunting, we stopped in Armory Sq to eat. Decided on Nick’s. Good pizza, Tomato Pie was definitely the top pick in there – very zesty sauce.

    We finally bought a house in Camillus, and the pizza options over on the west side suck. Wegmans has the best pizza within easy driving distance. Everyone else uses tasteless frozen dough, bland sauce, greasy cheese and low quality toppings. Wegman’s ingredients are surprisingly of quite good quality and an overall good pizza package (if you like thicker crusts).

    If you’re ever in Ithaca NY (where I lived for a number of years), check out The Nines near Cornell’s campus on College Ave. AWESOME PIZZA.

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