Cosmos Pizza & Grill

143 Marshall Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

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The campus delivery site sent out an e-mail this past week boasting of weekend specials on pizza at Cosmos: a medium cheese pizza for $4.99! What pizza lover could resist?

As you may expect, I ordered immediately, however, only found myself disappointed with the result. This was my first taste of Cosmos’ pizza so I went into it with an open mind, and shared the experience with my roommate, Melanie.

The pizza arrived at our house 50-minutes after ordering it, and it did not arrive warm. There were eight slices, a good size for a medium pizza, but I could have stopped after eating one. In a sorority house of 38 girls, leftover, untouched pizza sat for over an hour as girls glanced at it, and denied offers I made trying to get rid of the lonely slice in a box of grease.

After sharing a pie of pepperoni pizza with my roommate, Melanie and I reached a similar conclusion which may explain why the remaining pizza was left abandoned. “I would go so far as to say this pizza is disgusting,” I found myself complaining after forcing myself to finish a third slice. Melanie agreed as we continued taking notes on a clean napkin, pinpointing just what it was that made it so difficult to enjoy.

Our conclusions:

The crust was soggy, soaked in grease as if it had been sitting for too long on a counter waiting to be delivered. The dough was also reminiscent of cardboard.

The flavor of the pizza was masked by the grease and the only identifiable taste was from the addition of the pepperoni. Without the pepperoni, this pizza rating may have suffered an even worse fate.

The sauce was the only ingredient that had potential. Although there was not enough sauce in my opinion, what I could taste suggested a sweet, peppery flavor but could easily be overlooked by the mediocrity of the pizza as a whole.

Although I bash this pizza, I have heard people recommend the gourmet pesto pizza and barbecue chicken pizza at Cosmos, which gives me a fragment of hope. I’m also considering that perhaps the $4.99 special was poor motivation for the pizza makers.

Jamie Miles

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